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This gallery is dedicated to a technique called Virtual Reality.
Virtual Reality is a way to present pictures in 360° x 180°, allowing the spectator interact with the virtual surrounding environment. Adding hotspots to a image, creates a very intuitive way to present the details and description of elements that your company would like to high light to costumers. Also all the images VR 360° are adapt to mobile platforms. Viewing theses imagens in such devices, allow us to “explore” the imagens with the movement of the device itself (no mouse required). With VR googles or Google card board glass it’s possible to watch all the imagens in 3D, using the movement of the device becomes hands-free! I believe this is an excellent way to present your business to new clients.


Restaurante Monte Mar VR360

Les Ailes Enchainées

CCBOARD center | Lisboa

CCBOARD center | V.N. Mil Fontes

Evora boat

LVT boat

MU WorkSpace

Prédio Diogo Cao

Apartamento Diogo Cão ¦ T3 de 114 m² com Garagem

Volkswagen Beetle 1972 - VR Virtual Tour 3D Virtual Reality

Volkswagen Beetle 1972 ¦ Virtual Reality

MCXLIII – 1143 – Clothing ¦ Model: André Pereira

Vale do Silencio - mediaflores - realidade virtual virtual reality VR lisboa

Autumn Leaves ¦ Vale do Silencio ¦ Olivais ¦ Lisboa

Parque das Nações Ponte ¦ Vasco da Gama's Bridge

Parque das Nações ¦ Vasco da Gama Bridge ¦ Cais da Matinha

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